With the accelerated aging of Chinese society, and the continuous improvement of social living standards and consumption levels, the silver economy has become more and more dazzling, and the silver dividend has begun to accelerate the realization. For example, the market for old age products is speeding up its release. Although the market of geriatric products is known as emerging, the industry of household health care devices related to geriatric chronic diseases and common diseases is facing blowout development.
Household medical and health care equipment is actually a kind of universal small medical and health care equipment, mostly small, electronic and intelligent innovative products of medical equipment. It has a certain role in prevention, diagnosis, health care, treatment, auxiliary treatment, rehabilitation, etc. It is convenient, safe and controllable, especially suitable for the elderly at home.

    • Intelligence of household medical devices mainly refers to the function of data transmission, data storage and data analysis. With the increasing demand for health, simple health data detection has been difficult to meet the needs of users. Intelligent household medical device products have the following new functions: 1. Using wireless transmission technology, measurement data can be accurately uploaded to the health cloud platform. Users can log on to the user at any time and anywhere through mobile intelligent terminals such as computers or mobile phones, so as to understand personal health. Data. This is not only conducive to the comparison of health data at different time points, but also conducive to the establishment of personal health records; 2. Health cloud platform for the analysis of users'health data to provide health guidance.
    • Multifunction refers to giving a household medical and health electronic products a variety of functions, such as a device simultaneously measuring blood pressure, fat, blood sugar and other functions. People's health data are more or less correlated, such as cardiovascular disease before the onset, will be accompanied by hyperlipidemia, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and other symptoms, if these data can be monitored in time, find the leading factors, and change bad habits, cardiovascular disease can be well controlled. In addition, the multi-function of the product can also save the purchase cost of users.

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