Rehabilitation medicine

According to the World Disability Report issued by the World Health Organization and the World Bank in 2011, about 15% of the world's population is disabled. As the population grows older, this proportion will continue to grow. Rehabilitation is a useful investment, not a simple consumption. Rehabilitation can effectively reduce the social burden of the state on people with disabilities and enable them to recover their working ability through rehabilitation.

Modern medicine has four family members, including preventive medicine, health care medicine, clinical medicine and rehabilitation medicine. The function of rehabilitation medicine is to make patients "not disabled, although not disabled". Due to lack of rehabilitation, the quality of life of many elderly patients is unsatisfactory. According to the fourth national health service survey report, nearly 50% of the elderly in China suffer from various chronic diseases, nearly one third of the elderly are limited in their long-term activities, and 14.1% of the urban elderly can not live and take care of themselves.

What about Intelligent Rehabilitation Medicine?

Comprehensive training of hemiplegic limbs

Comprehensive training of hemiplegic limbs is a medical rehabilitation project within the scope of basic medical insurance payment. Functional electrical stimulation (FES) is very important for the treatment and rehabilitation of paralysis diseases. Proper use of functional electrical stimulation will become an effective way to prevent induced diseases caused by atrophy and paralysis. Functional electrical stimulation of RehaStim2 is very effective in improving exercise behavior, strengthening strength or stabilizing cardiovascular system.


Deglutition dysfunction examination

Deglutition dysfunction test is a medical rehabilitation program within the payment range of basic medical insurance. RehaIngest is a portable system for measuring and visualizing laryngeal activity during swallowing. It assists the diagnosis of dysphagia, especially post-stroke, traumatic brain injury, cervical spinal cord injury and tumors..


Gait analysis

Gait analysis is a medical rehabilitation program within the payment range of basic medical insurance. RehaGait is a completely portable system that takes several minutes to build. In a short time, you can record, analyze and report a person's gait, which makes it ideal for gait analysis. RehaGait allows you to collect comprehensive data to support your scientific research.


Bare-handed functional training

Bare-handed functional training is a medical rehabilitation project within the payment scope of basic medical insurance. For patients with upper limb functional defect, arm laboratory is a matching and diversified treatment concept. Different exercise patterns can be trained by RehaDigit.

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