First aid

First aid

Sudden cardiac arrest death occurs almost every day. Medically speaking, four minutes after cardiac arrest is the "golden four minutes" to save lives. If the patients can be defibrillated at the first time, the survival rate can be greatly improved. AED products exist to grab the "four minutes of gold".

At present, automatic defibrillators have been widely used in the United States, and the Japanese government has also promoted this work in the form of legislation, so that AED can be popularized. Japan is reported to be one of the countries with the largest number of cardiac defibrillators. One can be found almost every few minutes of walking in public places. The United States requires AED to be suspended in prominent locations in crowded places such as airports, shopping malls, casinos, playgrounds, etc. AED is also equipped in every police car, and requires traffic policemen and firefighters to master it skillfully, and widely publicize it to the public through television, Internet and other media. Developed countries such as the United States and Japan have increased the success rate of rescuing cardiac arrest patients to nearly 40% by widely setting AED in densely populated public places, while China has only 1% at present.

At present, there is only one second-tier city in China that has achieved rapid development in setting up AED in public places, but there is still a big gap with developed countries. According to Japanese AED standard, Shanghai should have more than 40,000 sets of AED. Recently, the Shanghai Red Cross Society will continue to promote the AED setting project, expand the scope of AED setting, and jointly develop the "AED map" with the City 120 Emergency Center to provide more vitality for patients with cardiac arrest.

Where is the urgent need for AED cardiac defibrillators?

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According to the latest data released by the International Airport Association, the global airport passenger flow increased by 6.4% last year, with a total of 7.2 billion passengers.

Amusement Park

There are also many places for people to visit. Shenzhen Happy Valley receives more than 30 million visitors a year.

Convention and Exhibition Center

The first group of public audiences of the first China International Import Expo of the National Convention and Exhibition Center will enter the pavilion more than 250,000 times a day.

Scenic spot

On the National Day of 2017, the daily flow of people in the ancient city of Lijiang reached 70,000 people, with China occupying two of the six most crowded scenic spots in the world.

Train station

In the past 30 years, the Spring Festival Transport Army has increased from 100 million to 3.7 billion in 2015, which is equivalent to moving the total population of Africa, Europe, America and Oceania once.

Shopping Mall

In Wangfujing shopping, the average daily flow of people in Xintai is 650,000, with an annual population of 200 million.

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