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Blood Purification Devices

Infomed products contain many patented innovations offering advanced medical treatments such as: Continuous therapies for patients suffering from fluid overload and/or renal disease plasma exchange and cascade filtration for immune disorders and bloo...

Producer origin:Switzerland Imfomed SA

Producer profiles:Infomed SA has been founded in 1997 and has launched its first device the HF400 on the European market in 1999. At that time it was the first hemofiltration machine with combined pre-post dilution adapted for babies as well as for high volumes hem

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CF100 : cascade filtration monitor

The CF100 performs cascade filtration on plasma received from any primary plasma separator (centrifugation or filtration devices) to which it is connected through only the plasma inlet and outlet tubes.

The CF100 does the automatic priming of the disposable set before treatment, in order to make sure that all safety relevant criteria are met and then monitors the cascade filter to provide automatic rinsing by flush whenever necessary. This rinsing is mandatory to maintain the filter’s ability to remove specific substances within its optimal conditions.

Technical features

  • Operations : 
    Automatic rinsing by flush 
    Luer-lock connection to plasma line and blood return line 
    Bag empty/full indications 
    Filter holder 
    RS232 connection to computer
  • Scales range :0 -6 kg
  • Dimensions : 35/50/125 cm
  • Weight : 28 kg
  • Max filtration flow : 4 l/h
  • Integrated heater (option)

CF200: simple filtration

The CF200 efficiently performs the most usual treatments (CVVH, TPE, SCUF, hemoperfusion) at a cost of about 40% less than usual systems available on the market but for the same clinical effects. Thanks to the CF200 focus on the key points the operators training is reduced to the therapeutic effects rather than to devices requests. This makes the CF200 a very unique device for all those looking for the most overall cost effective therapies.

  • Operations : 
    Fully automatic priming/rinsing 
    Automatic blood circulation 
    Control of the waste and substitution flows based on scales 
    To preserve the membrane, uses a clamp to control filtration flow 
    Baby and adult sets
  • Scale range : 0 -6 kg
  • Dimensions: 35/50/125 cm
  • Weight : 28 kg
  • Max blood flow : 400 ml/min
  • Max filtration flow : 4 l/h
  • Integrated heater (option)

CF300: regeneration on-line of adsorption columns

CF300 is adaptable to all columns and allows to treat numerous pathologies by such selective procedure. CF300 it is :

  • Plasma therapy for targeted removal
  • Handles one or two columns operating alternatively
  • Regenerates re-usable columns on-line
  • Only 2 buttons, easy to use and requires few training
  • Compact and cost effective

Fully compatible with all adsorption cartridges targetting for example :

  • LDL apheresis
  • ABO incompatibility
  • Lp(a)
  • IgG

CF300 can be used behind any plasma separator : centrifugation or filtration devices are possible

Technical features

  • Operations : 
    Bag empty/full indication 
    Pressure monitoring 
    RS232 connection to a computer
  • Scale range : 0-6 kg
  • Dimensions: 35/50/125 cm
  • Weight : 28 kg
  • Max adsorption (plasma) flow : 6 l/h

CF300, Step by step

  1. Connect to plasma separator
  2. Plasma is pumped through the column
  3. When it is saturated, CF300 automatically swaps to the other one while regeneration begins
  4. Above process is performed as much as requested
  5. Treatment end: disconnect primary separator
  6. Machine regenerates the columns and prepares them for preservation

Hydronephrosis acute renal failure heart failure muscle crush syndrome poisoning familial hypercholesterolemia hyperviscosity of blood acute liver failure lung failure etc.

Applicable Hospital Departments:
Medical nephrology family use
With almost 1000 machines and 20 years of experience around the world Infomed play a major role as a provider of blood purification devices