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CardiAid AED

CardiAid Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is specially designed for public-access use to provide life-saving defibrillation within the critical first minutes until the professional care is available....

Producer origin:Denmark CARDIA

Producer profiles:Cardia International A/S is the manufacturer of CardiAid Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and other CardiAid branded products and accessories. Our headquarters are located in Denmark. Our AEDs are developed and manufactured in Germany.

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What is the CardiAid?

The CardiAid was designed to be the simplest and clearest possible AED for public use, making it possible to administer an electric shock with a minimum of delay to anyone suffering acute heart failure.
The CardiAid AED has been designed for public use at places such as children’s day care centres, schools, sports complexes, doctors’ surgeries, veterinary and dental practices, by emergency services etc.
CardiAid software is compliant with ILCOR2015 ERC guidelines
The CardiAid AED delivers the most effective treatment, based on the algorithm and biphasic defibrillation of the heart
The CardiAid is completely safe to use. The AED only delivers a life-saving electric shock when the analysis has determined it necessary. You can rely on this entirely.
The AED produces strong visual and auditory signals. A loud voice giving clear instructions guides you through the resuscitation process, along with clear pictograms. A metronome provides the heart massage rate.

How does the CardiAid work?

One of the most important qualities of an AED is that it is user friendly. After all, the more people able to use the AED, the greater the chance they will save lives. The CardiAid is the most user-friendly AED on the market. On our website, you can see how simply the CardiAid works.


  • CardiAid automatically switches on by simply opening the cover.
  • Pre-connected electrodes help save time and make the process simpler for the user.
  • “Status indicator lights” provide easy interpretation of the self-test results.
  • CardiAid guides the user step by step with a combination of clear voice instructions, illustrations and lights for the maximum efficiency. All steps are ensured to be applied accurately even if the responder has limited knowledge or experience.
  • CardiAid works with one-button only* – the shock button. No on-off button, no time loss!
  • The AED available in 24 languages.
  • CardiAid combines an accurate ECG detection algorithm with high sensitivity and specificity values with its current-based defibrillation technology for the most effective treatment.

Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, palpitation, premature beats, atrial fibrillation, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia and other heart disease population
Place of use:
Crowded public places such as airports, shopping malls, playgrounds, shopping streets
Centres for the elderly, women and children, such as day care centers for children, schools and homes for the elderly
CardiAid saved a 39-year-old man who had sudden cardiac arrest during an amateur outdoor hockey tournament. When he suddenly fell a colleague started CPR and a bystander ran to grab CardiAid which was located in the club house. With one successful shock he was brought back to life.
CardiAid saved life at a hockey field!
May 2015 The Netherlands

A 57-year-old taxi driver collapsed while he was driving. A policeman from Ricany City Police used CardiAid in the police car to save the victim. With a successful shock the man was brought back to life.
CardiAid saved life of a taxi driver!
April 2016 Czech Republic

CardiAid was used to save a cardiac arrest victim at a party venue. During an anniversary party one of the people dancing on the dance floor suddenly fell down. Luckily the bystanders immediately started CPR and the venue staff were agile to bring the CardiAid AED which had been purchased only 3 weeks before the incident; “the best purchase ever” as stated by them.
CardiAid saved life at a party!
July 2015 The Netherlands

In Ireland a 70-year-old man had a sudden cardiac arrest while he was at home with his son. When he suddenly collapsed his son called for help. A neighbour brought CardiAid AED which was installed in an outdoor cabinet in the community. With one successful shock the patient was brought back to life. In a short time the paramedics arrived and took over the case.
CardiAid saved life in a neighbourhood!
November 2015 Ireland