Huakang Pharmaceutical Co-operation with Longgang Medical In


In order to ensure the smooth implementation of smart medical insurance in drug retail pharmacies in Longgang District, to protect the rights and interests of insured persons and drug retail pharmacies, to consolidate and improve the basic medical insurance knowledge level of drug retail pharmacy managers, to strengthen the awareness of smart medical insurance management, and to further standardize the insurance service behavior of drug retail enterprises, on the afternoon of July 27 Huakang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Longgang Pharmaceutical Industry Association jointly organized the management personnel of drug retail enterprises in Longgang District to conduct the public welfare training of wisdom medical insurance knowledge in Huakang Pharmaceutical Headquarters.
This training lecturer is a senior training lecturer in the pharmacy of the former National University: Mr. Fu Peng is the lecturer. The training content involves medical insurance policy and management system. In order to achieve the best results, Huakang Medical Training Room uses multimedia courseware to teach. We will try our best to help the lecturer explain the relevant medical insurance policies, systems, matters needing attention in daily management and solutions to difficult medical insurance problems.
In order to implement the wisdom of the new health insurance policy effectively, first of all, we drug retail business managers need to understand, only in this way can we know where our responsibilities are, and can lead managers to comply with and implement. We should adhere to rules and principles. When encountering problems, we should coordinate communication between the upper and lower levels and do a good job of hierarchical management.
The managers of drug retail enterprises should realize the social significance of the new intelligent medical insurance policy. Medical insurance is an important part of the social security system and one of the important foundations of building a harmonious society. Our drug retail pharmacy is one of the designated units of medical insurance, one of the carriers of medical insurance system reform, and one of the centers of medical insurance policy implementation and cost control. To do this well, we have a great responsibility and a glorious mission.
Through training, the managers of drug retail enterprises have deepened their understanding of the new medical insurance policy, improved their understanding of the medical insurance work, enhanced their sense of responsibility for doing a good job of medical insurance work, and helped to standardize the medical insurance management of retail pharmacies and better serve the insured patients. For this reason, the head of the Longgang Medical Industry Association said that the purpose of popularizing the designated pharmacies of medical insurance is to "convenience". Its purpose is to let the people know more about medical insurance, have confidence in medical insurance, fundamentally solve the great significance of medical insurance for the people and benefit the people, and contribute their modest efforts to the development of the medical industry.