Huakang Pharmaceutical "Safe Drug Use, Health Accompany


On October 15, Huakang Pharmaceutical held a propaganda campaign on drug safety knowledge in our community. On that day, there was a large flow of people and a continuous flow of consultants. Our staff also set up a free pharmacist consultation area, free health monitoring, free blood pressure measurement and other health services on the spot, which provided more medicines for the convenience of the masses. The publicity of product safety knowledge enables more people to learn the knowledge of drug safety in depth, and also improves the community residents'recognition of our chain pharmacists and professional pharmaceutical care team.
This activity shows that our company actively participates in the project of "Community Drug Safety Service Network Construction Project" undertaken by Shenzhen Pharmacist Association, promotes community residents'understanding and participation in the management and supervision of drug safety, mobilizes social forces, purifies drug environment, and further improves residents' awareness of the project. According to the relevant contents of "Shenzhen Pharmacist Association Community Drug Safety Service Network Project", "Project Implementation Plan and Responsibility Letter", "Pharmacist Volunteer Service Responsibility", the activity was completed on time, with characteristics, quality and standardization; the social value of the pharmacist team was brought into play actively and actively promoted. Project work to expand public awareness of drug safety service network; in addition, continue to improve community residents'awareness of drug safety, improve community residents' recognition of community pharmacies pharmacists and our professional pharmaceutical care.