jinglai need your
The company will provide you with a platform for career development. Welcome ambitious people to join our company, we will provide you with an open, relaxed and warm family-style working environment.
Here, you will meet a group of interesting people. Among them are passionate idealistic and practical entrepreneurs, technical experts who have graduated from Medical University and grew up as CTOs of the company, directors of overseas offices who have led marketing teams to constantly update their achievements and mastered multilingual knowledge, and many other elites and young talents with dreams!
Here, you will get a chance to give full play to. Highlighting the current Medical market, flowers, some areas need to be clear planning, flexible strain and pragmatic execution, this is a challenge is an opportunity, also is the dream of every sales elite stage!
Catch up with the next wave of technology upgrade;
Interacting with a group of passionate idealism doer;
In the enterprise ambitions and acquire the big stage;
To get a competitive salary, and master the way of work life balance!
Please send your resume,To highlight your ability and experience, let's look
Although we temporarily no vacancies, but we prefer to save for a rainy day, so we will set up files for your resume. During the period of 6 months, have corresponding vacancies in the first priority for you.
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