Hua Kang

Jinglai and Huakang Medicine

Brief introduction of Hua Kang medicine:

  • Huakang Medicine, a name born with the rise of China's pharmaceutical logistics retail industry in the 21st century, is well-known in Shenzhen pharmaceutical industry.
  • Huakang Pharmaceutical has an office storage area of more than 12,000 square meters and annual sales of 500 million yuan.
  • Huakang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and dozens of pharmaceutical enterprises and leading enterprises of Chinese traditional medicine raw materials are business alliance partners, with supply and marketing networks throughout the country.
  • Huakang Pharmaceutical acquired 38 stores in Shenzhen in October 2013. So far, there are more than 180 directly operated franchised pharmacies.
  • Huakang Pharmaceutical is a large logistics park which integrates agent, logistics, sales and chain pharmacies.

President of Huakang Medical Association elected

On January 24, 2018, Shenzhen Longgang District Medical Industry Association held its first meeting in 2018. Mr. Zhuang Yonghuang, Chairman of Shenzhen Huakang Medical Co., Ltd., was elected President of Shenzhen Longgang District Medical Industry Association with high votes.

Ruihua Kangyuan has broken through 180 listed stores

In 2012, retail stores expanded rapidly. Ruihua Kangyuan Pharmaceutical Chain Limited, a subsidiary of Huakang, launched Ruihua Kangyuan Pharmacy with professional service as the core. By 2015, the number of stores has exceeded 180.

Huakang Pharmaceutical Organizes Public Welfare Action

In 2013, Huakang Pharmaceutical and Shenzhen Red Cross Society, Shenzhen Lion Society and Shenzhen Blood Center jointly organized Red Action and Lion Blood Donation Month Public Welfare Action.

The company's annual sales exceed 300 million yuan

In 2014, the company's annual sales exceeded 100 million yuan, and passed the national new version of GSP certification and acceptance. In 2015, the company's annual sales exceeded 300 million yuan.