Harvard Medical School
Massachusetts General Hospital is located in Boston, USA. It is a long-standing and large-scale teaching hospital established by Harvard Medical College. It has been ranked among the best-known hospitals in the United States by American News and World Report. In 2017, Massachusetts General Hospital was the only hospital to rank in all 16 Specialty Rankings of American News and World Report, which fully demonstrated the breadth and depth of its expertise. Massachusetts General Hospital has a nationwide hospital-based research program, with annual research funding exceeding $850 million.
Massachusetts General Hospital has a huge network of doctors serving patients. Almost all doctors in the hospital are faculty members of Harvard Medical School, many of whom are leaders in their respective fields of specialty. Massachusetts General Hospital has a multidisciplinary medical team in the fields of cancer, digestive system diseases, neuroscience, heart disease, orthopedics, transplantation, urinary system diseases and trauma treatment. They unite their specialists to provide advanced comprehensive medical services for adults and children. They are renowned worldwide for their innovations.