about us

about us

Guangdong Jinglai International Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 as a joint venture and cooperative operation company of Huakang Pharmaceutical Group in China. Jinglai International introduced international standards of rehabilitation medicine, cooperated closely with domestic and foreign experts in rehabilitation medicine, international famous suppliers of rehabilitation technology and equipment and experts in management of rehabilitation medical system, continuously improved and operated a high-quality rehabilitation medical service platform, and made unremitting efforts to build the most international level of Chinese rehabilitation medical institutions. With the introduction of a large number of sophisticated rehabilitation equipment and the promotion of modern rehabilitation concept, Jinglai International is becoming the flagship provider of the overall solution for the rehabilitation industry in China at the fastest speed, and is unique in the rehabilitation medical market in China. Jinglai International has always upheld the core values of enthusiasm, perseverance and stability of the enterprise, with our professional spirit, with our professional knowledge, with our unremitting enthusiasm for the cause, continue to promote the development of rehabilitation in China.

Services we provide
  • Hospital Rehabilitation Medical Devices
  • Medical Devices in Public Places
  • Hospital General Medical Devices
  • Family Health Care Products

Jinglai is the sole agent of many famous international suppliers of medical equipment. We have introduced a large number of advanced medical equipment, which has laid a solid foundation for China's medical modernization.

Our Service Commitment

The company's product technology service department has full-time engineers, providing all-day hotline service, responsible for providing technical support and after-sales service for users in order to provide timely and effective time for users concerned. Feedback and process record until customer confirms problem solving. For the unresolved problems beyond the time limit, the alarm level should be raised step by step until the general manager intervenes personally. We provide:

  • After-sales Installation: Free Installation, Debugging and Training
  • Response time: After equipment failure, respond within 2 hours, effectively solve within 48 hours
  • After-sales warranty: equipment warranty period is 1 year, non-artificial fault replacement machine within one month
Customer care

We are committed to care for every customer's needs. We strictly carry out the customer service provision, in the service of each process, let you have the joyful mood. If you have any questions or need our help, please contact our customer service team. We strive to achieve:

  • efficient;
  • frank、fair、polite;
  • Patience to listen to、A quick response;
  • To improve the professional knowledge and skills of team。
Environmental responsibility

Jing Lai is a importance to environmental protection and the sustainable development of enterprises. Our products and systems have the characteristics of environmental protection, energy conservation and the sustainable development, at the same time, we know that holds the responsibility of the important environmental protectors。

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See below our customer evaluation:

“FES with RehaMove is applied for patients with complete or incomplete spinal cord injury (AIS A-C). Regulation of muscle tone, decreasing of spasticity and cardiovascular training are main therapy goals for the treatment of complete SCIs. Patients with incomplete paraplegia or quadriplegia use FES to improve deep sensation for relaxation of muscle spasms and endurance training. Therapists can pre-set training parameters for an easy application as home therapy.”

Swiss Paraplegig Center

Department of Therapy Management

“FES Cycling is an evidence-based therapy for patients with complete or incomplete spinal cord injury. RehaMove is used as part of our clinical routine to reduce spasticity of patients with spastic paraplegia or quadriplegia. If continuously and frequently applied, spasmolytic medication can be reduced. In addition, we use FES Cycling for further indications like cardiovascular training.”

Heidelberg University Hospital

Spinal Cord Injury Center at the Department of Orthopedics